Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Episode 13:  Jahangir Attacks Goher
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Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Episode 13: Jahangir Attacks Goher

In Hum TV’s “Ishq Zahe Naseeb,” the topic of acid attacks makes an appearance here as well, a topic that seems to be a current trend

It must be said that “Ishq Zahe Naseeb” has not had a bad episode yet.  The show moves at a pace that can be described as poetic.  The characters are given many different shades, which works wonders in allowing viewers to relate to them.  The storyline is unique and offers something different, which is always a plus.  The cast is brilliant with each actor outdoing the next.  However, in this latest episode – which is overall brilliant, as always –, an angle has been included that seems unnecessary.

Donia (Zarnish Khan) attends Kashif’s (Sami Khan) sister’s wedding and finds herself drawn to his family and the environment.  Impressed by Kashif’s relationship with his sisters and the overwhelming amount of warmth in their home, she begins to realize what has been missing in her relationship with her father.  She feels drawn to Kashif, developing a soft corner for him.  As the two bond in his office the next day, she discusses her feelings with Kashif, wishing her father had been as loving before her accident as he is now.  While the Donia and Kashif relationship has been a slow-moving one, it is now building into one of respect and the two share a likable chemistry.  Looking through Donia’s eyes, especially after all the betrayal she has faced in the past, Kashif is a breath of fresh air.  It is not surprising then to see her falling for him.  However, will Kashif move past his feelings for Goher and accept Donia into his life?

Goher (Sonya Hussain) confronts Saleem (Saad Azhar) about the amount he took from Sameer (Zahid Ahmed).  Only needing 5 lakh to pay off her parents’ debt, Goher is horrified to learn that Saleem has taken 12 lakh, more than double the amount needed.  Feeling trapped and enslaved by her own brother, she breaks down, asking him how she is expected to pay off this loan.  This scene is heartbreaking to watch, as Sonya’s performance is so strong, the viewer can feel her internal grief.  That feeling of the ceiling falling down on one’s head and the walls closing in – this is what is conveyed in Sonya Hussain’s performance as Goher in this scene and she deserves a round of applause.  The way Saleem and Zakiya (Hajra Khan) have abused their power and yet continue to try to hold an upper hand is disgusting to watch and as an audience, it’s impossible to not feel the gravity of this scene.

Back in Sameer’s home, Goher is given the keys to the basement by Noora secretly.  She sits in the room and discovers old photos, amongst other things from Sameer’s childhood.  She barely scratches the surface before she is called upstairs.  That night, she waits for Sameer to get home in order to talk to him.  He finds her asleep at the table and wakes her up.  Goher asks Sameer to call her brother and demand the remaining 7 lakhs back from him, a request that Sameer refuses.  He puts Goher at ease and shocks her by saying he will never bother her for this money and to put it out of her head.  It is here that viewers truly begin to see Goher softening towards Sameer and seeing his inherent goodness.  Viewers are also treated to a short scene with Zoya’s (Azekah Daniel) cousin, who is still snooping around in order to find “dirt” on Sameer.  It is yet to be determined what role this cousin will play in the long run.

The episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb,  ends with Goher in the car, preparing her things to exit and head home when she lowers her window and looks up to see Jahangir (Khalid Malik).  Throughout the episode, Jahangir has been plotting with his friends to commit a heinous act and, of course, in this scene viewers become witness to his evil plans.  Goher fortunately turns her head (it seems) before it can hit her face, but Jahangir succeeds in throwing acid at her before running.

The big issue with this acid attack is that it’s a plot point that is beginning to feel pedestrian.  With “Surkh Chandni,” followed by a random acid throw in “Hassad,” this scene is Hum TV’s turn at an acid attack storyline…..except, it isn’t.  This is not the point of “Ishq Zahe Naseeb” as a story, so one is left wondering – what was the point of that?  Logically if one is to think, it is possible that a part of Goher has been burned (not her face), leaving her marked as “damaged goods” by those looking for their sons.  It may be here that Sameer steps in and Goher’s family happily accepts the proposal, coupled with their greediness for his money.

Despite this last story angle, the episode itself is brilliant with a lot of deep connections being made, both between Sameer and Goher, as well as Donia and Kashif.  With Donia and Kashif, it’s clear that Donia is now falling for Kashif.  With Sameer and Goher, with Sameer’s gesture today, Goher’s respect for him seems to be growing as well.  How these two relationships progress and how the story moves forward to make the first-episode-horoscope a reality will be interesting to see.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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