Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Episode 11:  Sameer Rescues Goher
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Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Episode 11: Sameer Rescues Goher

“Ishq Zahe Naseeb,” on Hum TV, takes a twist this week when Sameer offers to pay the debt owed by Goher’s family

Ishq Zahe Naseeb made a very intelligent move at the very beginning of the show.  Not only were viewers made aware of Zahid Ahmed’s Sameer and his disorder fairly early on, but in the first scene alone, viewers were let in on a little secret.  Kashif and Goher visit a palmist who eerily tells the duo about their future lives and how they will mirror one another’s.  If viewers closely pay attention to that scene and the prediction made, it is clear where the story is headed and how it will play out.  This makes it easier for viewers to embrace new relationships and stories in Goher and Kashif’s lives, knowing that the love birds will eventually make their way back to each other.  And while Sameer’s interest in Goher has become strangely endearing, his disorder makes it difficult for viewers to fully commit to being invested in a love story between Sameer and Goher – Zoya’s (Azekah Daniel) end is prediction enough as to the way this story can go. 

In episode 11, Sameer (Zahid Ahmed) visits Goher’s (Sonya Hussain) home, hoping to persuade her to come back to work.  Instead, Goher informs him of her life circumstances and, in an effort to get Goher back in his employment, Sameer offers to pay off her family’s loan to Jahangir’s father.  Goher is taken aback, but refuses, much to the dismay of Zakiya (Hajra Khan), her sister-in-law.  While Goher refuses, Saleem (Saad Azhar) and Zakiya take the blank check and ask for time to think it over.  Sameer happily accepts this, telling Saleem that Goher deserves better than Jahangir, giving the audience a clear indication of his future motives. 

Kashif (Sami Khan) is called back to work by Jabbar Sahab (Manzoor Qureshi), who offers him a position working directly under him with an increased salary and title.  While initially hesitant, Donia (Zarnish Khan) apologizes for her behavior and promises to refrain from giving him a hard time.  Kashif is relieved and while he (internally) celebrates his success, he also thinks back to his time with Goher, wishing she could be there with him to enjoy it with him.    

Saleem visits Jahangir’s father and informs him that the marriage between Goher and Jahangir is off, promising to pay back his loan immediately.  This tells the audience that Saleem has made up his mind to take the money from Sameer.  This puts Goher in an awkward position, as after this, she will be in a weak position to refuse Sameer’s proposal despite knowing the strange circumstances of his household.  The episode ends with Sameer deep in thought about Goher when Sameera (Yumna Zaidi) makes an appearance, asking how much Sameer loves her.  She innocently asks why he is then thinking about Goher, declaring her dislike for Goher.  This alarms Sameer, as he knows what “Sameera” is capable of.

While Ishq Zahe Naseeb has been hitting all the right notes, presenting a beautiful story with intelligence, heart and soul, episode 11 has been the first episode that could be called “flawed.”  At this point in the story, when Sameer is so well-aware of his alternate personality’s dangerous side and the fact that Sameer has had this disorder for at least two decades, why then isn’t Sameer on medication?  This is something to think about.  Viewers always see Yumna Zaidi as “Sameera,” as she represents Sameer’s alter.  However, Yumna’s Sameera is just a visual representation of Sameer’s internal alter – and when she is visible to viewers, Sameer is dressed as a woman.  Why then is Sameer carrying out a conversation with Yumna’s Sameera and staring at her while normally dressed?  Also, throughout the show, the audience has heard that Sameer has a ritual and that once he enters his room, he does not listen to anyone nor does anyone have permission to disturb him.  Why then, after Sameera makes her displeasure clear, does a member of the staff call to Sameer to inform him that his mother is calling him down?  This entire sequence does not make any sense when referencing information presented earlier in the story.  In the grand scheme of things, it is not a major flaw, but this gives window for dedicated viewers to fear that the show now has a crack in its up-until-now perfect canvas.  One hopes this is a one-off error not to be repeated in coming episodes.  

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By Sophia Qureshi
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