Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Episode 10: Goher Falls Under Pressure To Marry
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Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Episode 10: Goher Falls Under Pressure To Marry

In Hum TV’s “Ishq Zahe Naseeb,” Goher decides the easiest way to get rid of the loan is to work diligently for Sameer.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb” is a show that has been consistently interesting, not only presenting the story of dissociative identity disorder, but also making a statement about the plight of the less rich middle-class and the dilemmas that crop up in their home.  With a stellar cast like Sami Khan, Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussain and many more, “Ishq Zahe Naseeb” delivers regarding the excitement and interest towards the storyline.

In episode 10, Goher (Sonya Hussain) officially resigns when Sameer (Zahid Ahmed) sends an employee to find out her whereabouts.  Under pressure from her family, trapped underneath the burden of their loan, Goher decides to marry Jahangir (Khalid Malik) to relieve her parents of this weight.  This news upsets Sameer, who has spent the majority of his day working to bring Goher back into employment.  He decides to visit Goher’s home himself to convince her family to send Goher back to work.

Kashif (Sami Khan) and Goher continue to think about one another, bound by the pureness and sincerity of their love for one another.  Kashif struggles to find employment after quitting his job in which he worked under Donia (Zarnish Khan).  His search brings him to Sameer’s office and while the two get along, Sameer rejects Kashif on the basis of his previous employment with Donia, one of his greatest competitors.  While the two share an interesting moment, their meeting ends on a sour note when Kashif becomes upset at Sameer’s insinuation that he would sell Donia’s company secrets and leaves.

Donia considers the conversation between herself and Kashif, her guilt increasing over the way she treated him, believing that she owes him an apology.  Donia and her father decide to rehire Kashif. Jahangir continues to plot on how to marry Goher quickly, fighting with his parents over the interest Goher’s father has racked up on his loan, as Goher’s brother has made it a condition in order for Jahangir to marry Goher.

Viewers are given another small glimpse into Sameer’s life from his stepmother’s point of view as she remembers Sameer’s childhood.  Racking her brain for a woman that could have influenced Sameer in his childhood, she remembers Sameera (Yumna Zaidi), a kind-hearted employee who went out of her way to care for Sameer, especially in his hard times.  Sameer’s stepmother begins to suspect and put the dots together.

Watching the show unfold is interesting due to the subtle nature of the story.  An in-your-face story, Ishq Zahe Naseeb ran the risk of being too loud, too outlandish and almost offensive towards the body of mental health professionals.  However, it has succeeded (to date) on all accounts, presenting mental illness (dissociative identity disorder) without turning Zahid Ahmed’s character into a caricature.   Seeing how Kashif and Goher’s lives are essentially running parallel to one another, similar occurrences in their lives happening simultaneously, mirroring each other.  While Kashif struggles with Donia and his work environment, Goher is going through the same with Sameer – and more interesting is how both Donia and Sameer suffer from some sort of mental instability.  The show ended on a cliffhanger this week with Sameer showing up at Goher’s home.  The cast deserves a round of applause for giving such brilliant performances, namely Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussain and Sami Khan.  Let’s hope the writers can maintain quality scripts throughout the duration.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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