Is Vikramaditya Miffed With Saif Ali Khan?
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Is Vikramaditya Miffed With Saif Ali Khan?

Buzz is that Saif Ali Khan has turned down the critically acclaimed filmmaker and he isn't very pleased!

Ever since Happy Ending failed to set the box-office ringing, Saif Ali Khan has been on an all-time low. Perhaps the lows of his career have made him extra cautious of the projects he chooses to participate in, but even as he has renewed his vow to impress the audience, Saif’s attitude is apparently not a favourite with filmmakers!
Vikramaditya Motwane, who is famous for critically acclaimed films like Udaan and Lootera is apparently miffed with him! Saif, who is currently busy with the pre- production work of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon, had a casual meeting with Vikram to discuss the possibility of working together. A source tells Asianage, “Vikram didn’t exactly meet Saif with a ready script. It was just an idea that he wanted to bounce off. For now, it’s not working out but we will give updates as and when the script develops.”  However, Saif apparently asked Vikram to rework the script and has reportedly declined to be a part of it now!
The source further added, “His (Vikramaditya’s) style of filmmaking is subtle yet hard hitting. It does complete justice to the characters of every actor working in the film. Saif might not have been convinced about the subject but Vikram is in the process of developing the story further.” 
Apparently the filmmaker isn't handling the rejection well! 
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