Is Varun Dhawan Headed For a 2018 Wedding?

Is Varun Dhawan Headed For a 2018 Wedding?

The actor reveals his marriage plans!
Is Varun Dhawan Headed For a 2018 Wedding?

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It has been rocky times for Varun Dhawan and long-time sweetheart Natasha Dalal. After years of dating – they were a couple even before Varun stepped into films – the two were recently rumoured to have called off their relationship. It was allegedly their conflicting opinions on marriage, combined with his fondness for Judwaa 2 co-star Taapsee Pannu, that led them to mutually decide to take a breather for some time. But then we spotted Natasha right next to her on/off beau Varun at his recent housewarming. It was suggested that moving into his own personal pad was Varun’s last-ditch attempt to give his relationship with Natasha the time and attention it needed…

However, unfortunately for Natasha, Varun does not appear to have had a change of heart where his opinion on marriage is concerned. “I have just moved into my new house, and I want to enjoy this part of life for a couple of years before I think of the next step,” he stated, when asked about his wedding plans.

He added, “The next step is something every individual wants to take at some point, but right now, it’s not on the agenda. It took me a while to get here, it’s a big achievement. It’s also important to enjoy moments. I had this big change happen to me while shooting for October in Manali earlier last year. I was surrounded by nature and there weren’t too many people around, so I would often find myself just staring at the sky and relaxing. I’m not the kind of person who loves nature, but I was so overtaken by the beauty of the moment that I realized that we don’t take time to sit and think about what we want to do; we just end up being robots. Right now, I’m in this Sufi zone, if I may say so. The next 12 months will reflect the mood and the zone I am in.”

No, that does not sound like a man looking to be tied in holy matrimony!

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