Is Siddhant Chaturvedi AKA MC Sher, Hotter Than Ranveer Singh??

Is MC Sher stealing the thunder from Ranveer Singh? How HOT is Siddhant Chaturvedi, the young man who plays MC Sher in Gully Boy? Here’s Our Verdict
 Is Siddhant Chaturvedi AKA MC Sher, Hotter Than Ranveer Singh??
Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ranveer Singh

The moment MC Sher appears on the screen, we went swoon. No, we really did. In a scene from Gully Boy, as Murad (Ranveer Singh) and Alia Bhatt (Safeena) watch a college concert goes awry, MC Sher (Siddhant Chaturvedi) saves the day. He steps on the stage and takes control of it and reverse-trolls some hooters in the audiences. From the word GO, the guy is a hero. MC Sher is a renegade.

So what’s his story?
So who is MC Sher? Played by Siddhant Chaturvedi, ever since the release of the film, cinegoers have been asking only one question – ‘who’s that guy?’ Zoya Akhtar broke the mystery when she spoke to Film Companion on how Siddhant Chaturvedi got cast for this role. Apparently, he was dancing at a party when she spotted him. Though she couldn’t recognize him, she was very impressed by him. She hadn’t cast anyone in the role yet the moment she saw Siddhant, she knew he was the best. She asked him to come for an audition the next day and that was that. He got the part. Boht hard! 


Siddhant in Inside Edge
Siddhant played Prashant Kanaujia in the Amazon India’s web series Inside Edge. Could you have recognized that it was the same guy? Just like Zoya, we couldn’t either. As MC Sher, Siddhant completely reinvented himself and changed his look. His voice and tonality also changed completely. Now that’s a dedicated actor!

MC Sher and Gully Boy
Siddhant appears opposite Ranveer in many frames in the movie and we could have sworn that at some points, MC Sher almost upstaged Gully Boy. Understandably, his role is a lot louder and confident than Murad’s but wow, were we impressed with this young man!

Who Do You Think is Hotter?
This is a really tough decision and we understand that it’ll take you some time to figure out. So here’s a whole bunch of Siddhant pics for you to look at to decide.