Is Saif Ali Khan Nervous About Sara Ali Khan's Debut ‘Kedarnath' ?
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Is Saif Ali Khan Nervous About Sara Ali Khan's Debut ‘Kedarnath' ?

The actor expresses his anxiousness about Sara's upcoming film

Saif Ali Khan has revealed that this year, he is more tensed about his daughter's film Kedarnath than his own film Kalakaandi. He recently revealed to the media that he’s as nervous about Sara’s debut, like he would be for for his own film. 

Saif will begin 2018 with his upcoming release Kaalakaandi, while Sara's debut feature film Kedarnath will release in December the same year. When asked how he feels about his daughter's film releasing the same year as his, Saif told reporters, "I am happy, I am excited for her. I think when we get close to that release, it will be like my own film is releasing."

The first look of the film was released recently and Saif said he is confident "that she (Sara) will be very good."

What do you think about Sara Ali Khan’s debut? Will she do her dad proud?

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