Mallika Sherawat Is Ready to Say 'I Do'
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Mallika Sherawat Is Ready to Say 'I Do'

Looks like it just might be the sultry actress's turn after Preity Zinta!

If you have ever wondered how Mallika Sherawat turns up at all the important state receptions as an invited guest, here might be a clue! The sultry actress, known for her sensuality and bold appearances in some Bollywood films, doesn't exactly fit the A-lister profile but that hasn't stopped her from representing the Indian government several times at Cannes, or meeting Barack Obama in Washington twice or even endorsing million dollars' worth of jewellery for international labels like Boucheron! Most of our leading ladies at Bollywood can only dream of all these things, but never has any one of them achieved them all at once.

The actress confirmed on Twitter that she is in love and it’s all so beautiful for her right now. She is seeing French tycoon Cyrille Auxenfans and they both couldn’t be happier. If reports are to be believed, they are both very serious about each other and made their relationship public after much thought and dating after a long enough time. Auxenfans even gifted her a luxurious car on Valentine’s Day to make it very special for her. 

Looks like the couple could be even considering taking their commitment forward by taking the plunge!



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