Is Jacqueline Fernandez 'The One' for Salman Khan?

Is Jacqueline Fernandez 'The One' for Salman Khan?

The chemistry between Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan is the talk of T'town
Is Jacqueline Fernandez 'The One' for Salman Khan?
Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan

Jacqueline Fernandez

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The rumour mills have been buzzing ever since Jacqueline Fernandez started promoting Kick with Salman Khan. Her adoration for the Khan and his admiration for her was there for all to see. And now, recent incident suggest that Jacky and Salman may be more than the proverbial ‘good friends’ and co-stars.

Salman gave it away when he openly admitted that Jackie was the first girl he’d like to kiss on screen and compared her to Zeenat Aman. Now, Salman has never spoken of kissing anyone before but he positively blushed when Jackie kissed  him on a light note at a promotional event for the film! In fact, the two couldn’t hide the sizzling chemistry whenever they appeared in public to promote Kick. Crew members of the film insist that towards the end of the film and the subsequent events, the fondness between Salman and Jackie became more than obvious.

But hang on, there’s more! Apparently, Salman recently told a friend he’d visit him one late night (read: 3.00a.m) and the friend was up and waiting. Imagine his surprise to discover that Salman was not alone. He took along Jackie with him! And rumours insist that he’s gifted her a great flat in Bandra but we still have to find out more on that.

For now let’s just say – Salman and Jackie certainly seem to be getting a kick out of this new friendship. Will this lead to something more between Bollywood’s eternal bachelor and the cute and sexy Jacky remains to be seen.