Is Hrithik Roshan All Set to Pen Down His Memoir?
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Is Hrithik Roshan All Set to Pen Down His Memoir?

Considering the many interesting instances in Hrithik Roshan's life, this memoir will be something to look forward to!

All Hrithik Roshan fans out there are in for a huge surprise! Bollywood will soon have one more writer of repute. HrithikRoshan, who has been lying low for some time, has decided to finally tell his story.

One would imagine the memoir to be flooded with clarification on the many scandals in Hrithik’s life. However, according to sources close to the Roshan family, the memoir would be motivational and not scandalous. Phew! “He has so much to tell that would help others get better in life. He struggled with a stammer, suffered grievous injuries during stunt scenes when doctors said he would never walk…Hrithik will focus on the struggles. Why should he focus on scandals?”

Are you excited to read Hrithik Roshan’s memoir?