Is Farhan Akhtar Still Close to Ex-wife Adhuna?
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Is Farhan Akhtar Still Close to Ex-wife Adhuna?

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Earlier this year, Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabhani called it quits on their marriage. The couple has reportedly filed for divorce and is working out the alimony terms.

However, it looks like the couple, who were married for 15 years, are still quite close. Farhan allegedly still continues to be professionally associated with B:Blunt, the hairstyling salon that Adhuna runs. He has been spotted at the salon after their split and also reportedly got miffed with the press at an event recently when asked about his equation with his ex-wife.

Adhuna also seems to be veyr much in touch with her ex-husband. Recently, her company launched a new product and in a video based series to promote it, Adhuna and her team reach out to their customers by performing to a peppy jingle. Adhuna also tagged Farhan in the video link. 

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