Is Ekta Kapoor upset with Kareena?
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Is Ekta Kapoor upset with Kareena?

A tell-tale blackberry status reveals all!

The grapevine insists that Ekta Kapoor has finally lost her cool with otherwise good buddy Kareena Kapoor. It started off with Ekta's 'Once upon a time again' (the sequel to 'Once upon a time in Mumbaai') for which Bebo had signed on the dotted line. Then a change of heart prevailed and Bebo waltzed out of the film, leaving Ekta non-plussed. She had to be replaced by Sonakshi Sinha, since the film was ready to roll.

An Ekta camper says, "Obviously Ekta wasn't too happy about this; it was too last minute. And what upset her even more is the fact that Bebo is a friend."

However, giving it a shot, Ekta and Karan Johar approached Bebo for their merger venture to sign up opposite Emraan Hashmi. Rumour has it that Bebo wasn't keen to work with the Hashmi initially, then cited her upcoming wedding as the reason for not doing the film. But the Ekta camper insists, "She didn't even hear the script of the film before refusing it. Now it's doubtful whether Ekta will work with her again."

Though Bebo rubbishes these rumours, Ektaa's Blackberry status seems to indicate otherwise. A few days ago she put up: 'Damaged Psycho + Dumb Bimbo = Heroine'.

Wonder whether that's a clear shot at Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Heroine' (pun intended)!

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