Is Deepika Padukone Truly Senseless About Money Matters?
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Is Deepika Padukone Truly Senseless About Money Matters?

The beautiful actress on why she may not turn producer anytime soon....

Bollywood stars are turning producers left, right and centre! While it is a known fact that few studios want to produce films with the leading lady as a protagonist, it hasn't deterred actresses with the likes of Anushka Sharma to go ahead and create NH10. As per an article in Priyanka Chopra, too, also announced her banner and we've heard that few films old Jaqueline Fernandez too plans on toeing the same line. But not our Deepika Padukone.   

Dippy who is currently at the top of her game, is actively wooed by producers for have a reputation of delivering hit after hit and set the cash registers at the box offince ringing non-stop! Though ther actress intends on concentrating on acting , she admits, "I’d love to do production work, but not be a producer. I mean if I have a team that will do it for me, then fine because I don’t  think I have the bandwidth or capacity to take on the role of a producer." 

Preferring to stay away from the task of crunching numbers and chasing scripts and financiers and managing budgets, the actress smiles and says, "I just want to put it out there and let people know that I have absolutely no sense of math or money. So if someone has a great script and they need to add my name to sort of greenlight a project, I am happy to do that. But I have no business sense basically."


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