Is Big B Challenging King Khan For the Worst Dancer Title?
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Is Big B Challenging King Khan For the Worst Dancer Title?

The two illustrious actors may share a lot more in common than we expected.

Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan have always been pitted against each other when it comes to movies or acting. But the two superstars of Bollywood have nothing but great love and respect for each other. It is evident that the co-stars still share a great camaraderie with each other. Recently SRK and Big B had a healthy banter on social media over each other’s dance skills.
While SRK said he and Kajol make the ‘best worst’ dancers, Big B added that they may not necessarily be the ‘worst dancers’ and that he too, is in competition! 
King Khan had, apparently, tweeted in reference to one of the dance performances he will be seen doing with Kajol in their upcoming film Dilwale, which is being shot currently in Hyderabad. However, Big B, in response to SRK’s tweet, posted a rather interesting comment. In his tweet, Amitabh claimed that the world’s worst dancer title belongs to him and called himself the ‘worst worst’ dancer. Shah Rukh gave a witty reply to Big B’s tweet stating that he can beat the veteran actor at bad dancing and also mentioned that the only form of dance he is well-versed in is called 'Disaster'.
This is not the first time that Big B has openly supported Shah Rukh in his endeavours, but of late he has been promoting SRK quite often, be it his cricket team, his awards and recognition or films. Touch wood! A camaraderie that should continue for years on! 
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