Is Arjun Rampal's Marriage On The Rocks?

Is Arjun Rampal's Marriage On The Rocks?

Are things getting better or worse for Arjun Rampal's marriage?

Arjun Rampal’s marriage has been in the news for very long now. An article on reports that Arjun and his wife Mehr Rampal were rumoured to be filing for divorce very soon. There were even reports in the media that claimed that the Roy actor and his model wife had decided to file for divorce in a Bandra family court recently. However, on further investigation, the website and its sources discovered that their seventeen year old marriage is finally in a very stable place and things are looking up for their relationship. In the world of B-town gossip, it is hard to decide who to believe until we receive any official confirmation but we do hope that Arjun and his wife don’t go down the Hrithik-Suzanne path and can reconcile their differences if any very soon.

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