Irrfan Says He Has No Plans Of Returning To India

The actor was supposed to be returning to India but Irrfan has something else to say
Irrfan Says He Has No Plans  Of Returning To India
Irrfan Khan

While we are all very happy to see another ailing actor Sonali Bendre return home for what she so lucidly describes as a “happy interval”, Irrfan is not coming to India any time in the near future.

There were reports in almost every leading newspaper and on most prominent portals that  Irrfan was returning for Diwali, then post-Diwali. One leading tabloid in Mumbai got even more helpful and provided us with a date on which Irrfan was returning,  a date that the ailing actor was unaware of.

This blatant misinformation can now be corrected. When I  connected with Irrfan he very clearly stated he has no plans of returning to India in the near future.
Says Irrfan, “I am still waiting for all the tests to be done and their results. I haven’t planned as  yet for  India.”

That, as they say, is that.

On the other hand, Sonali Bendre returned to India last night after receiving treatment in New York