Irrfan Is Healing, May Join The Team of his Next Film 'Karwaan'

Irrfan Is Healing, May Join The Team of his Next Film 'Karwaan'

With his illness taking a toll on his film, it remains to be seen if Irrfan can promote his next release Karwaan, starring Tollywood superstar Dulquer Salman
Irrfan Is Healing, May Join The Team of his Next Film 'Karwaan'
A still from Karwaan

Irrfan Khan who has been in away in London undergoing treatment  for a serious ailment is recovering slowly and may soon return home, at least for a short visit. A few weeks ago, Irrfan had sent shockwaves in the industry and among his fans by announcing that he had contracted a mysterious ailment that was rather serious. A lot of rumours did the rounds but thankfully they were proved wrong. This led to a few films being put on the backburner most notably, this film with Deepika Padukone that was to be directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. 

Now, his  next  release Karwaan is around  the corner and  the team  is hopeful that at some point during the  process  of releasing the film,  Irrfan will be able to  join  the team . Irrfan’s last release Blackmail was  promoted without the  lead actor’s presence and it was quite an  ordeal for  the film’s producers, as Blackmail had no other recognizable face except Irrfan in the cast.

Karwaan  introduces the Malayalam star Dulquer Salmaan who is completely new to Hindi  moviegoers.  It was  hoped that Irrfan would introduce Dulquer to the  Hindi  cinema.
Alas,  Man proposes  God disposes. Says the  Karwaan director Akarsh Khurana, “We are  all looking forward  to Irrfan’s return. Irrfan’s performance in Karwaan is expectedly outstanding. Working with him was  a  dream come  true. I was intimidated at first but by the third or fourth day we had a great rapport and then on, it was very comfortable and amazing.”

Irrfan’s  health setback jolted  Akarsh. “It was a big shock. I heard of  his illness soon after he saw the film and gave me very constructive feedback. We were all quite devastated.We are hoping and praying for his recovery.”