iPhone 11 is Cheaper in UAE Than Many Other Parts of the World

iPhone 11 is Cheaper in UAE Than Many Other Parts of the World

iPhone 11 was launched in September 2019 and is already among the most popular phones. It is considered a symbol of luxury and expensive taste

iPhone is considered to be the most popular phone in the world. Although the android technology has been upgraded at many levels to come at par with iPhone, once an iPhone user always remains an iPhone user. The avid fans anxiously look forward to its latest models and line up outside the apple outlets to get the earliest phones. While the iPhone is popular and famous all over the world, it also has a downside. The prices are always above the regular phones in the market (for the right reasons though). Hence, with every new iPhone, many memes regarding the price of the iPhone also start circulating. The latest model iPhone 11 is famous for its enhanced camera technique.

Iphones are cheaper in UAE than many other countries

UAE residents are known for their luxurious sense of style and gadgets. Most of the people are iPhone fans and cannot wait to have their hands on the latest model. But an interesting thing is the fact that UAE prices are among the cheapest in the world. Probably, this is the reason that not only do they buy for themselves but also for their friends and families in other parts of the world. Many tourists visiting UAE also prefer getting the apple handset during their visit instead of getting it from elsewhere.

Although the prices here are more than those in Japan and the United States, iPhone 11 is still cheaper than many parts of the world including China, the UK, and France. According to Apple’s official website, iPhone pro is 23 % more expensive in India than in UAE while the figures. iPhone 11 is 14% more expensive in India than in the UAE. In the UK, iPhone pro is 14% more expensive than in UAE and iPhone 11 is 13% more expensive. The reason for the high prices can be attributed to the higher taxes in these countries as compared to UAE.

Why are Apple’s prices not the same all over the world?

Apple’s prices all over the world are not the same due to currency and taxation differences. Another reason for the expensive price in India can be the fact that there is no manufacturing unit in India. Apple cannot have its own brand store and has to collaborate with other retailers which results in a bigger number of middlemen. Every middle man has to keep a part of profit margins which makes the consumer pay more for the same thing. Also, the cost of the logistics involved adds to the price.

Why is the iPhone one of the most expensive phones in the world?

iPhone was started by Apple Inc. founded by the late technologist Steve Jobs. These exclusive and luxurious phones are high-priced for many reasons. These use Apple’s own operating system software which is called iOS. The first iPhone came to market on June 29th, 2007 and since then every year a new model is launched in the market. This smartphone actually fills for the need of a laptop as it has all the required functions. It has a number of different applications for many daily life needs like fitness, nutrition, gaming, beauty, health, religion, reading, music, and many more.

Apple Inc. has a strong research unit that constantly focuses on the development of new software and phones. A part of the price paid for the iPhone also goes to the research. According to the users, the iPhone is one of the most secure phones in the world and uses its own operating software. The phone processor is also exclusive and considered the fastest in the world. iPhone is also considered a status symbol in many parts of the world and many people also buy it just for the sake of it. However, loyal users understand the benefits of this machine and consider it important to know all the pros and cons before spending a hefty amount on phone.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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