Insulting Remarks Against Nayanthara: Tollywood Lashes Out at Radha Ravi

Insulting Remarks Against Nayanthara: Tollywood Lashes Out at Radha Ravi

Radha Ravi’s misogynistic remarks against actress Nayanthara has come in for a lot of flak from prominent actors in Tollywood

Veteran Tamil actor and DMK member  Radha Ravi ’s sickening misogyny was on full display on a public platform when he ridiculed actress Nayanthara. Radha Ravi said, “Nayanthara acts as a ghost and then she goes on to act as Sita as well. She acts as Sita! Earlier, to play the role of a goddess, they would look for [someone like] KR Vijaya. Now, anyone can be cast to play a goddess. They can cast someone who you want to pray to when you look at them, they can also cast someone you want to call towards you when you see them!”

While the DMK has acted swiftly by dismissing Radha from the party, the Tamil film industry plans to completely boycott the misogynist actor. Tamil star-actor  Vishal Krishna who is Vice President of the Tamil  Film Producers’ Council(TFPC)  feels it’s time to take the strongest action against people in positions of responsibility who speak disrespectfully of women.

Says  Vishal, “This senior actor is no stranger to offensive suggestive remarks about women. This is not the first time he has spoken like this, nor is it the last time unless we take strong action against him. He  has done this  time and again.”

Vishal feels those who clapped at the event when Ravi spoke should also be condemned. “If you enjoy women being insulted then you are no less misogynist than the person talking rubbish about a woman.”

Richa Chadha who has worked recently in the South on a biopic on controversial actress Shakeela says she has encountered nothing but the utmost respect from every quarter. Says Richa, “I applaud the DMK party for suspending him. Anyone that makes disrespectful comments about women, cannot be excused. Everyday sexism and blatant misogyny have no place in a modern society.”

Adds veteran Tamil actress Khushboo, “Radha Ravi’s comments were absolutely distasteful, shocked by his statement. When men fail at words they resort to body shaming and character assassinate,  appalled by his words.”

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