Inside The Wedding of Akhil Akkineni's Ex Shriya Bhupal

Shriya Bhupal got married to Anindith Reddy, scion of the Apollo chain of hospitals in a lavish ceremony
Inside The Wedding of Akhil Akkineni's Ex Shriya Bhupal
Shriya Bhupal married Anindith Reddy

On July 6, Hyderabad witnessed one of the most lavish weddings of the season. The bridegroom was Anindith Reddy, the grandson of Pratap Reddy, the chairperson of the Apollo chain of hospitals. Interestingly the bride was none other than dress designer Shriya Bhupal, granddaughter of  business tycoon GVK Reddy.

Shriya has a very public broken relationship behind her. She was to marry Nagarjuna’s  younger son Akhil Akkineni two years ago. But the wedding was called off at the last minute. “For no fault of  Shriya’s,” informs a close  friend  of the Reddy family  and a prominent  invitee at  the wedding. “Shriya was all set to marry  Akhil when  he  changed his mind. He got cold feet at the last minute. And  the wedding was called off. It came as a complete shock to Shriya  and her  family. They were smarting under the blow. But then this rishta from the Apollo group’s chairperson came at an opportune time.”

Apparently the bridegroom Anindith has completely dissociated himself from Shriya’s past. “Anindith and Shriya are starting afresh and Anindith’s family is ecstatic to have her as their bahu. The wedding which sprawled into an unapologetic week-long binge of singing dancing and celebration was attended by  the who’s who of  the Telugu film industry. Of course, the bridegroom’s cousin Upasana Kamineni and her husband Ramcharan Teja were  very prominent at all the  lavish functions. Ramcharan, known to be media shy, was seen fraternizing with everyone present. Taking pictures with fans who flocked to his side, dancing with the bride and groom, Ramcharan was the perfect host,” says a VIP invitee.

Representing superstar Mahesh Babu (who is shooting out of town) were his wife Namrata Shirodkar and lovely little daughter Sitara. According to guests, little Sitara was quite a scene-stealer at the wedding with her cute dancing.

Ram Charan Teja and Namrata Shirodkar with guests 

Designer Sandeep Khosla with Namrata 

The lavish setting 

Guests having fun 

Conspicuous absentees were the entire Nagarjuna family. This marriage puts a distinctive strain between Nag and Chriranjeevi/Ram Charan’s family.
Says a source, “I don’t think Nag’s family was even invited for the wedding. Knowing the history and how Nag’s son dumped Shriya at the altar, it was  for the  best that the Akkineni family stayed away from  the wedding.”