Inkaar: Imran Ashraf, Sami Khan and Yumna Zaid's Eyeopening Show About Consent
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Inkaar: Imran Ashraf, Sami Khan and Yumna Zaid's Eyeopening Show About Consent

TV show Inkaar is an eye-opening series on consent and it stars Imran Ashraf, Sami Khan and Yumna Zaidi

In this episode of Inkaar, the emphasis is placed heavily on emotion and reactions to the crime that has been committed.  Rather than serving as an action-packed, story propelling episode, this episode serves as a building block for future episodes.  The nuanced reactions each character displays in this episode speaks volumes and gives a clear indication as to how each character feels at present.  Guilt, anger, humiliation, disgust, indifference – the viewer experiences a vast array of emotions within the span of 40 minutes. 

The episode opens with Hajra’s parents in the hospital as Hajra remains in recovery after being brutally stabbed by Rehan Chaudhry.  Shehnaz (Rehan’s stepmother) offers her condolences while attempting to hush the matter up.  While the viewers have seen Shehnaz discussing Rehan’s bad behavior and her awareness of his infatuation with Hajra, her power and belief of being above the law is evident in her demeanor while discussing the situation with Hajra’s family.  On the other end, Hajra’s father, played by Rehan Sheikh, displays his unwavering love for his daughter through trust in his daughter’s character and in his quest to seek justice on her behalf.  It is Rehan Sheikh’s quiet power, the power displayed in his character’s devotion to caring for his daughter and standing up for her against her perpetrators, that steals the show.  If all father’s took a stand and supported their daughters like this character does, the world would be a much more secure, more safe place.

Inkaar: Imran Ashraf, Sami Khan and Yumna Zaid's Eyeopening Show About Consent

At times, society dictates support as well and we see this in the form of Hajra’s mother.  While she loves her daughter, her anguish is evident in regards to “izzat” and how Hajra has shamed the family.  All mothers love their children, but Hajra’s mother represents the judgmental aspect of society that would put their image before their child’s well-being.  How her attitude changes as the story progresses will be interesting to watch.

Inkaar: Imran Ashraf, Sami Khan and Yumna Zaid's Eyeopening Show About Consent

Sami Khan as Shayaan is more than simply the “good guy.”  Shayaan is passionate in his love for Hajra and the the weight of his guilt towards his role in Hajra’s attack lays heavy on his mind and heart.  The viewer sees Shayaan’s anger bubbling over in his behavior, particularly as he heads over to Rehan’s village to seek revenge.  Shayaan does manage to cement his role as a good guy when seen interacting with Rehan’s mother.  As mothers do, she senses something amiss between the boys and inquires about it.  Despite Shayaan’s desire to tell her, he holds back out of respect for her. 

The quiet restraint he shows as Rehan’s mother walks out the door before he attacks Rehan displays Sami Khan’s talent once again.  The actress playing Rehan Chaudhry’s biological mother deserves a round of applause.  The way she enacts the clear-cut difference between her attitude towards her child vs. the attitudes of his father and stepmother is eye-opening. All-in-all, episode 12 of Inkaar can possibly be ranked as one of the best so far.  The emotional content was at a high, allowing the viewers the opportunity to become emotionally invested in the story.  How Hajra and her family move forward from this point will be interesting to see.

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