Inkaar, Episode 22:  Hajra and Shayaan Get Married
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Inkaar, Episode 22: Hajra and Shayaan Get Married

In Hum TV’s Inkaar, Hajra and Shayaan get married, propelling the story forward in a complex manner

This episode is yet another masterpiece of viewing, much like each episode of the show. While the show has been going on for several months, it still feels fairly “new” and has a captivating storyline with praise-worthy performances.  The team deserves a round of applause for not only writing a captivating story, but also keeping the occurrences at a level where they feel realistic and believable in the way it has been written.  At present, Hajra continues to fight her battle against her attacker, trying to clear her own name of blame. 

In episode 22, the episode begins with Hajra and Shayaan’s nikkah. As Zulekha (Kinza Malik) continues to grieve for her son, she fights against Hajra’s (Yumna Zaidi) nikkah to Shayaan (Sami Khan), believing that this move will push Rehan (Imran Ashraf) to murder her son.With the support of Hafiz Ilyas (Rehan Sheikh), her father, Hajra marries Shayaan. Shortly after this, Rehan calls Hajra to meet him – and she goes, accompanied by Shayaan. Triggered by the revelation of Hajra’s nikkah to Shayaan, Rehan sets a condition for the release of Hajra’s brother.  He states that Hajra needs to make a video on social media, a video confirming that she would cut her wrists for Rehan and would stalk him, essentially admitting to being unstable and fabricating the entire attack – and this video would be the grounds for releasing her brother. Shayaan forbids Hajra from making this video, so the two concoct a different plan.

Shayaan goes home to his parents and tells Malik (Noor Ul Hassan), his father, that he will stay away from Hajra, despite their nikkah, if Malik can get Hajra’s brother released from Rehan’s custody.  Malik tries his best to get the boy released, but to no avail.  With the third of Shayaan’s condition not met, Malik tells Shayaan that he’s free to do as he pleases, even go back to Hajra.  Shayaan and Hajra decide to fight against Rehan, Hajra refusing to back down and lie in order to save her brother, worried that this will set a precedent against women who would speak out in the future. 

This episode of Inkaar highlights the hoops a victim must jump through to make her voice heard – and while this is a Pakistani show, the concept of consent and appropriate behavior is a concept that can be understood around the world.  Hajra did not receive justice in the courtroom and found herself the victim of character assassination.  After this fact, she went on to become a victim of public scrutiny.  Rehan kidnaps her brother, using him as a bargaining tool – and Rehan, true to his characterization, threatens Hajra’s brother’s life constantly on the pone as a method of force.  However, it seems that the tables will begin to turn on Rehan next week, allowing the matter to open up in court once again.  This will allow Hajra to fight her case in court once again.  With audiences waiting to find some happiness and peace for Hajra’s family, this is a step in the right direction.

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By Sophia Qureshi
Pakistani Drama enthusiast, Bollywood fan, elementary school teacher, writer, reader, photographer, lifelong student and mother