Inkaar, Episode 17: A Heavy Blow Is Delivered In This Case

Inkaar, Episode 17: A Heavy Blow Is Delivered In This Case

Yumna Zaidi’s Hajra faces a massive blow to her case when she loses one of her greatest supporters
Inkaar, Episode 17: A Heavy Blow Is Delivered In This Case
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Politics is an arena where the playing field is not even. If one is powerful one day, someone else will come out on top the next. Games are played, money exchanged and power wielded – and in the midst of it all, if crime and justice come into play, the odds tend to be against the less powerful individual. This is a reality the world has come to accept and in Inkaar, the situation is no less. In the last episode, Rehan’s (Imran Ashraf) lawyer began questioning Hajra (Yumna Zaidi), painting her out to be of questionable character and weakening her case.

With episode 17, the opening scene picks up where episode 16 left off. Hajra fights off the accusations of the lawyer by clarifying that while she did write those messages to Rehan, she did so believing that he was sincere – those were her dreams of a relationship with a good man. This scene speaks volumes, Hajra trying to convey the fact that even if she did send romantic messages, this was not an open invitation to be violated – rather, she ran away when she sensed Rehan’s intentions: No means no. Unfortunately, Rehan’s lawyer accomplished his goal and depicted Hajra in a light that did lessen the impact of her case. Despite this, both Hafiz Ilyas (Rehan Sheikh) and Hajra’s lawyer encourage Hajra and tell her to keep fighting. On the other end, Rehan’s father and stepmother celebrate while Aisha (Rehan’s mother) mourns for her son and his upbringing. Aisha is a complicated character, as she loves her son, but also has a clear understanding of right vs. wrong. In a week moment, she visits Hajra and pleads for his life, to which Hajra angrily describes how her son has hurt her and refuses.

Shayaan (Sami Khan) stays away from the trial but supports Hajra in spirit. He discusses the stature of Gullu Baadhshah (Iftikharani) and how his support is enough for Hajra, eerily foreshadowing what’s to come. While Shayaan’s role has been relegated to the background, it feels right as this is Hajra’s battle for her to fight alone. Shayaan’s father meets Wajahat Chaudhry (Imran Peerzada) to get a job done – and it’s upsetting to witness Shayaan’s father working against Hajra and falling into the trap set by the Chaudhrys. Gullu Baadshah finally uncovers the CCTV showing Rehan’s presence at the salon at the time of the attack.

Of course, in the final scene, the episode comes to a culmination, raising anxiety levels when an attack begins on Gullu Baadshah – one that can be heard from all in the neighborhood. Hafiz Ilyas leaves to check on Gullu Baadshah as the neighborhood waits for the gunshots to stop. Gullu Baadshah has the last of his men escape, walking to the entrance himself to face his fate. Once there, he spots his accomplice, his confidant in the police force. As he relaxes, he is shot twice in the chest, betrayed by a man he thought he could trust. Iftikharani’s acting in this scene deserves a round of applause, he does a brilliant job exposing a moment of fear and surprise in Gullu Baadshah’s last moments.

Overall, Inkaar has taken a turn that does not work in Hajra’s favor. Hafiz Ilyas, Hajra and their family mourn once discovering Gullu Baadshah’s fate, one that will negatively impact their fight against justice. Gullu Baadshah being their greatest support, the loss of hope is depicted well in this scene, Hajra’s family aware of the challenges that now lie ahead. One can only hope that Gullu Baadshah’s sacrifice was not in vain and the CCTV footage makes it to Hajra’s hands to expose Rehan’s wrongdoings. Heavy, but Inkaar does not let the viewer down and keeps the audience on their toes in each episode.

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