Indulge with Azur

Indulge with Azur

It's happy skin time with the Celebrity Facials at Azur Spa

'Ur Social Spa' – that's the tagline of the year-old Azur Spa that's all about socialising your way to beauty and wellness. There's certainly a cheerful vibe at Azur – the cool blue hues will make you feel quite relaxed instantly.

I'm here to try one of their Celebrity Facials, and after a quick look at my skin, Azur therapist Rema suggests the Lymphatic Drainage Facial. It is especially effective for problem prone, sensitive skin, and Rema tells me that the facial uses the micro-current Perfector Technology which has pre-set programs and a variety of wave forms to penetrate different levels of skin tissue. The Perfector provides and heals as per the requirements of different skin types.

We start off with cleansing and a scrub to rid my skin of those deep-rooted impurities. Then it's time for the appearance of the star – the Perfector Technology. In this part of the facial, the micro-current, which is used at different settings, is run over my face and neck. Over a period of time, the micro-current improves muscle tone, collagen production and hydration level of the face and neck. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles while restoring the PH balance of the skin and providing a deep hydration. I feel a slight tingling sensation as this happens, nothing extreme at all.

Finally, we finish with a flourish of decadence – a warm chocolate mask. Once the mask is off, Rema tells me I shouldn't wash my face that night for the best effect. I can't wait to see what my skin looks like – it certainly feels super soft. When I get in front of a mirror, there's a clarity to my skin that is fairly obvious. And the next morning, it looks even better! The Facial has delivered!

Call Azur Spa, located at Building D06, Area CBD, International City, on 04 4475284 or visit The spa is also licensed to provide home services with Azur Spa On Wheelz.

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