India's Tennis Ace Sania Mirza Gets Candid About Love
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India's Tennis Ace Sania Mirza Gets Candid About Love

The tennis player and Neha have a fun chat on #NoFilterNeha!

Tennis ace, Sania Mirza in not only popular in the tennis court but also in Bollywood social circles, with Farah Khan and Parineeti Chopra being her closest friends. She is often seen at B-town parties and was most recently on Neha Dhupia’s show, being her candid best.

Known to be one that doesn’t hold back, Sania answered all of Neha’s questions, with an extra dose of quirk. When she was asked about her funniest ‘lover boy’ experience she narrated a fun incident saying, “There was this friend of mine actually and I always knew he was interested in me. So all of a sudden, this was years ago, it was my birthday and me and my mum share the same birthday so I always leave home after 12am. So both our friends get together, and that’s how we’ve been celebrating all these years. My mum knew this friend really well, since he used to come over. I suddenly get a call and he’s like - can you come out? I was like no no I can’t come out now. I’m going to cut the cake with my mom and he’s like no, no, can you come to the balcony. So I bring my mum, we all go to the balcony and he’s like with a few guys. I don’t know who they were, but they were bursting crackers at like 12 at night. And I was like, mum, I think you can go in. This is a little awkward. My friends still tease me. Aaya na, phatake phodke gaya.” Haha!

Speaking about love, she also spoke of the advice on love, she gives her close friend Parineeti Chopra. She said, “Buddy, let’s just find you a guy. But she’s like nahi, she’s a little choosy I think. So she doesn’t want to be with actors, which she's also said on one of the shows. So I just tell her ‘please love!’”

Sania Mirza, who is married to Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik, also admitted to being possessive. Commenting on her trait she said, “I need to be less possessive. I’m not insecure, I’m possessive. There is a big difference, I think. I just am and I would love to be a little bit less.”

The fun episode was full of giggles and fun conversation. Have you watched it yet?

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