India's Most Wanted Director Rajkumar Gupta: 'Sad That My Film Won't Release in Dubai'
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India's Most Wanted Director Rajkumar Gupta: 'Sad That My Film Won't Release in Dubai'

Rajkumar Gupta's gritty terrorism thriller opened to good reviews in India but has missed its date with Dubai over some objectionable dialogue

The enormously powerful and credible  director  Rajkumar  Gupta is  all set to  unleash his  newest  project India’s Most Wanted this Friday. Gupta’s  earlier films Aamir (2008), No One Killed Jessica(2011), Ghanchakkar(2013) and Raid(2018)  have been received with varying degrees of admiration and curiosity by critics and the audience.
“I’ve been very  fortunate  in  the  selection of  themes and the actors on board. It’s been an honour  and  pleasure to  work with dedicated actors like Rajeev Khandelwal, Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherjee, Emraan  Hashmi, Ajay Devgan and now Arjun Kapoor. They are all indispensable to my  creative  vision,” says  Gupta.

India's Most Wanted Director Rajkumar Gupta: 'Sad That My Film Won't Release in Dubai'

Rajkumar Gupta

He  met  his  wife Myra Karn during  the  making  of No One Killed Jessica where she played  the  title role.
I’ve never seen Gupta so  nervous. “It’s a subject that  has been with for more than four  years, Initially I didn’t know  how to approach this  complex plot. Gradually everything fell  into place. I am glad I  got Arjun Kapoor on board. He was my first and only choice.”

The film about  nabbing a real-life  global terrorist  was  shot  on-location  in Patna(Bihar) and Nepal.  “It  was not  easy.  But  it wasn’t so difficult either.The crowds were  curious  but manageable.We owe a lot to the local families  who  were  so  hospitable  while we shot the film in Patna,” says Raj gratefully.

India’s Most Wanted is special  to Rajkumar as his wife  Myra Karn  is  co-producer on  the  project. “We’ve done  the  best we  could. India’s Most Wanted is  not  a timepass entertainer. I strongly believe making  films on global issues such a terrorism  requires a heightened level  of  responsibility  from  its  maker. One can’t be  careless when doing a  subject  such as this. Lives are  lost  in  terror attacks.Those lives can’t serve as entertainment,” says  Rajkumar  Gupta.

About the  film missing its release  in  Dubai  Rajkumar  comments, "It 's really sad. I believe we've a huge viewership in  Dubai and I respect  their  love for  our cinema. Regrettably there  was  an issue over  Dubai being  mentioned  in  my  film in  a particular context. But  I promise my next film will make Dubai very  happy."
Rajkumar  and  his wife Myra  intend to visit Dubai soon  for a holiday.

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