Indian, Pakistani Comics Come Together for a Show on ‘LOC’

Indian, Pakistani Comics Come Together for a Show on ‘LOC’

A light-hearted look at the things that divide and unite India and Pakistan

At a time when cross border tensions between India and Pakistan are running high, there is at least one realm that is spared of the hatred – comedy. And that’s where Dubai, a melting pot of cultures comes into the picture. Now, three friends, all of who are comics, have  come together for a show that takes a look at the contentious Indo-Pak relationship among other things.

Tabarak (aka TBone), Varun Bhatia and KD are best of friends and they like nothing better than giving each other a good natured hard time. This is what they promise to bring on stage too with the Hindi show in a concept called LOC – Line of Comedy. It will have them take digs at each other throughout the course of their 20-minut sets  in the one-hour programme. The show is being staged for the Sharjah Fringe Festival. The subjects they will tackle are varied – from the angst and joy of belonging to the sub-continent to living in the Middle East with all its idiosyncrasies and the subsequent drama.

INFO: Dhs 45, January 24th, 6.30 pm, Al Qasbah Masrah Theater; January 25th, 8 pm, West Events Circle Theater, Al Majaz Waterfront; January 30th, 6.30 pm, East Events Circle Theater, Al Majaz Waterfront,

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