Indian Idol 4 contestant meets Bollywood look-alike

Indian Idol 4 contestant meets Bollywood look-alike

Remo Ghosh comes face to face with actor Kunal Khemu
Indian Idol 4 contestant meets Bollywood look-alike
Kunal Khemu with Remo Ghosh

Kunal Khemu

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Not everyone can get what they dream of but contestant Remo Ghosh seems to be having all his dreams coming true ever since he has got selected in "Indian Idol 4".

This 16-year-old from Nagaland could not believe his good fortune when he met the love of his life – Priyanka Chopra - in the very first Piano round of "Indian Idol 4".

One look at Remo and most people would instantly say that he has a striking resemblance with actor - Kunal Khemu. (Remember the young Kunal Khemu in "Raja Hindustani" and "Zakhm"?) He often was asked questions on how he would react if he met the actor one day but what he didn't imagine in his wildest of dreams was that he would actually come face to face with the actor.

To surprise him, the "Indian Idol" team decided to get him to meet actor Kunal. Remo who had recently hurt himself was told that it was a doctor's visit to get a tetanus injection and his wounds treated.

A scared Remo was nervous and impatiently waiting at Kunal's office (thinking it is for the doctor). He had no clue about what was in store. Then suddenly he saw a few people get in and thought the doctor had arrived... well it surely was a doctor – Kunal, who was eager to see his look-alike and get done with his own curiosity.

On seeing Kunal, Remo was stunned. Ironically the chatter box suddenly was left with no words and he could not believe what he saw! Kunal came forward and chatted with Remo.

Kunal said: "I cannot believe there can be so much resemblance between any two people it seems like a blast from my past, suddenly my childhood image is there in front of me."

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