Incredible Me

Incredible Me

Escada's new fragrance unites East with West

Incredible Me, the new fragrance from Escada, is an alluring scent that brings to life the exuberant spirit of today's audaciously fabulous fashionistas.

Incredible Me, which launches across the Middle East from November, celebrates the blend of Asian exoticism and European comfort; a modern and imaginative sensuality that unites East with West.

Base notes: The perfumer wanted to recreate the olfactive 'sensation' of a tiramisu dessert, so that aspects of the key ingredients would be subtly detectable within the fragrance: mascarpone, coffee, chocolate and biscuit. The overall effect is exceptionally creamy and offers a generous warmth and sensuality to the dry down of the fragrance.

Middle accord: It is built around a living head-space of the Miva Fragrance orchid. The Miva Orchid has a feminine and lively scent; a blend of delicate peony floralcy and light fruitiness, with a soft feminine appeal. The accord has a clean and fresh quality to it but also hints at something slightly more mysterious and exotic.

Top notes: The top note accord demonstrates another living head-space, this time of Clementine. The delicate bitter-sweet note from this subtle citrus is gently effervescent and extremely natural. It acts as a hook in the top note of the fragrance, which freshens and contrasts the sweet creaminess in the heart and base, without overpowering or detracting from its presence. It is not easy to detect as a single ingredient in the fragrance but its absence would certainly be notable as it adds a sharpness which cuts through the rich combination of florals and creamy base notes, and prevents them from becoming overly sweet or sticky.

Incredible Me line-up includes: EDP 30ml, EDP 50ml, EDP 90ml, ESCADA Incredible Me Deospray 150ml, ESCADA Incredible Me Shower Gel 200ml and ESCADA Incredible Me Body Lotion 200ml.

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