Increase Self-Love: 12 Self-Care Rituals You Can Follow
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Increase Self-Love: 12 Self-Care Rituals You Can Follow

Incorporating self-care rituals in your daily schedule can help you boost self-love and confidence. Check out these self-care ideas for inspiration.

Self-care rituals should be an important part of life for maintaining good health and wellbeing. However they are specially important in these times of isolation and anxiety. Some people are busier than ever, working from home for a longer number of hours. Others have less to do but are crippled with anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Whatever your schedule is like, it is important to incorporate some daily rituals in order to treat yourself in a loving way and remember what is most important in all this: you. Check out these ideas of self-care rituals which can be easily incorporated in your daily routine:

Gaze at the sun - If you wake up at dawn, you can incorporate a sun gazing ritual during which you look directly at the sun. This will help boost your energy levels. You can also do this safely in the evening, one hour before the sun sets. 

Breathe - People are often holding their breath when they are anxious. If you are feeling stressed at any point during the day, pay attention to how you are breathing and try to do some simple breathing exercises for a few minutes in order to release the tension and feel better instantly.

Meditate - Along with break work, you can also meditate. Depending on how much time you have, you can choose meditate for a few minutes or a couple of hours everyday.

Dress up - Even if you are not going out or attending any video calls, dress up each morning as you usually do when you have an important meeting to attend. 

Spend time outdoors - This might be difficult during lockdown and quarantine times when movement is restricted and you have to wear a mask most of the time. However, you can find a way to enjoy some outdoor time, perhaps on your balcony or garden, or just by taking a walk round the block.

Journal - Writing down your thoughts, feelings and experiences of the day can be very therapeutic. You can set aside a specific time to do this or write while taking short breaks from work and household chores.

Practise gratitude - Come up with a daily list of at least ten things you are grateful for in life and specifically during these times. You can maintain a separate gratitude journal and even share the list with friends or family members.

Repeat affirmations - Make a list of positive affirmations related to your health, prosperity, relationships, etc. and read it on a daily basis, or several times a day.

Embrace your hobbies and interests - It is important to have at least one hobby outside of your work and family commitments. Pick the one that you enjoy the most and dedicate at least a few hours per week to it.

Pamper yourself - Find ways to pamper yourself. You can follow a specific skincare routine or take a warm bubble bath or do pedicure at home, etc.

Buy feel-good stuff - Once in a while, perhaps once a month, buy something that you like, which is not an essential item. This does not mean that you need to break the bank. It could be something small and pocket-friendly like a bath bomb, a stuff toy, a pretty cushion cover, aromatherapy oils, and so on.

Schedule me-time - This can be twenty to thirty minutes every day or longer, depending on your schedule. But it is important to have some alone time during which you can choose to do one of the activities mentioned above or just spend some time doing nothing in order to recharge.

Remember that self-care is not an optional thing and neither a one-time thing. It needs to be practised regularly as it affects all areas of your life and all relationships, both personal and professional. Taking good care of yourself will help boost self-love and  confidence, and make you a happier and healthier person.

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