Avastavé's Dimitri Ruwan talks about the inspiration behind his creations

Avastavé's Dimitri Ruwan talks about the inspiration behind his creations

Capturing the fierce human spirit, enveloped in fine silk and delicately handcrafted details; the home grown Prêt-à-Couture label Avastavé's Dimitri Ruwan talks to us exclusively on his inspiration and the love story behind his creations...
Avastavé's Dimitri Ruwan talks about the inspiration behind his creations

Dubai based designer with Sri Lankan roots, Dimitri is a storyteller trapped in an artist’s body. He narrates forgotten folklores through his modern designs with the finest textiles and silhouettes. We talk to him about his new brand label Avastavé and find out what these stories mean to him and how the business of couture is still thriving...

 What message does your label and the name Avastavé convey?

Avastavé is a Singhalese word meaning  circumstance. It is about embracing the opportune moment and celebrating life to its fullest capacity. We aim to both explore and define the concept of love through intricately constructed luxury pret-a-couture pieces.

What role has the emotion of “love” played in your design concept?

Everything. Our brand uses the tale of Lady Lavinia and Sir Thomas Maitland as the central inspiration for our design concept. The story of the Second Governor of British Ceylon who fell in love with a native Sri Lankan girl and built secret tunnels under his palatial estate so they could meet away from prying eyes is recounted by the diary entries of a private individual told in chapter form across our social media platforms. Each collection starts with a Chapter as does every new phase of our lives. 

Tell us about your latest brand activation- #theloveproject

This digital initiative aims to create a sense of global community through connecting some of the most authentic voices and people of our generation. #TheLoveProject invites people from all walks of life to answer a simple question ‘What does love mean to them’? These videos will then be compiled into a short movie in keeping with the aesthetic of the brand that will be released in the month to come. This concept also showcases the importance of working with like-minded entrepreneur’s and creative to create a more open fashion industry. 

Do you have a muse? The woman that you design for — what is she like?

We do not have one particular muse. Our woman is empowered, intellectual and elegant. A woman who knows herself and is uncompromised in her approach to life. 

What is the message you look to convey to women with your designs? 

The message is to celebrate the beauty of individualism.

Being a designer that's less influenced by trends, do you think we're consuming more than we should through fast fashion?

Fashion has become a circus. A money making business of goliath proportions and much like anything this has both positive and negative effects for the creatives involved. That being said there has never been a better time to be in fashion. Consumers are always hungry, ready and waiting for the next new thing that’s going to reinvent the business which creates opportunity for those who are willing to work for it. Avastave isn’t aiming to create an ephemeral impact, this is about leaving an eternal impression. 

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