In Pics: Weight Loss Journeys of Top Bollywood Stars

Find out the secrets to how they got fit!
In Pics: Weight Loss Journeys of Top Bollywood Stars

Weight issues are a common phenomenon with everyone trying to do something or the other to get fit and look fab, and out B-town celebrities are no exception! From stringent diets to strenuous work outs, they’ve done it all!

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Have a look at some of our favourite celebs who went through awe-inspiring transformations!

1)      Kareena Kapoor Khan

Bebo was the first actress to kick off the ‘size zero’ craze in B-town. Her weight loss journey began when she turned vegetarian and started working out rigorously. The gorgeous new mom is now seen following a strict fitness regime that consists of Pilates and weight training along with intense yoga sessions.

2)      Alia Bhatt

Bollywood’s favourite, Alia Bhatt was asked by Karan Johar to lose weight for her debut film, Student of the Year. Following that, she turned to extensive weight training, along with Kathak and ballet sessions to achieve that svelte figure.

3)      Sonam Kapoor 

The stylish diva, Sonam Kapoor, who was known to be a chubby teenager, lost around 35 kilos for her debut film, Saawariya. Her dedicated workout regime includes a combination of weight training, Pilates and power yoga, along with extensive training in Kathak. She has also turned to veganism to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

4)      Katrina Kaif

Katrina did not always have a slender, hourglass figure. To achieve her goal, the actress swears by drinking eight glasses of water a day, along with fruit juices to boost her metabolism and fitness levels. The diva ensures to get in her daily dose of exercise with a morning jog, followed by iso-plank exercises, leg workouts and a calorie busting cardio routine. She also cycles twice a week to tone her leg muscles. 

5)      Sonakshi Sinha 

Sonakshi was extremely overweight, at over 94 kilos before her Bollywood debut, Dabangg. The actress lost a whopping 30 kilos by following a strict regim of cardio and yoga, mixed with outdoor games like tennis and badminton.

If these girls could do it, you definitely can too! All you need is motivation, a goal and a Canon Selphy!