Imtiaz Ali's Love Aaj Kal to Turn into a Franchise?

Imtiaz Ali's Love Aaj Kal to Turn into a Franchise?

Kareena Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan joke that it might be Taimur or Ebrahim in the next one!

In a casual half-joking chat between  Kareena  Kapoor Khan and Sara Ali Khan  on the  former’s  chat show What Women Want a few weeks ago,  the two ladies wondered  if the next Love Aaj Kal  film would feature either Saif’s older son Ebrahim or younger son Taimur. Though said jokingly, this is not entirely a false-case scenario. It seems Love  Aaj Kal director Imtiaz Ali  plans to renew the  franchise  every ten years.  Says  an informed  source, “The plan is to have one film in the Love Aaj Kal series about contemporary love as opposed to love in an earlier era every  ten years or so. The first film starred Saif Ali  Khan and Deepika Padukone.

The second film which was out in February on Valentine’s Day featured Saif’s daughter Sara along with Kartik Aaryan. The film was a resounding flop commercially and critically. The  tradition  may continue  into the next generation. The  next Love Aaj Kal  may feature  Saif’s either son Ebrahim or Taimur, depending on when the  next film comes  out, says the insider. This lineage-related franchise could  go a long way. After  Taimur, it could be  Sara’s offspring being directed  by Imtiaz Ali’s daughter  in  Love Aaj Kaal 2021. Just kidding…or  maybe not!

The debate  on  nepotism  in  the  film industry has always been  nebulous. While it is true that star kids are pre-empowered, it is equally true that no one signs them up because of who their parents are. Hence while Anil Kapoor's daughter Sonam Kapoor is quite a star, her brother Harshvardhan is  still struggling to find a place. And no one gave Tiger Shroff a chance  just  because he was Jackie's son.

But with regards to Love Aaj Kal, will Imtiaz Ali venture into the same field again after the failure of his last film?

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