'I'm a Minimal Make-Up Fan': Dipannita Sharma

'I'm a Minimal Make-Up Fan': Dipannita Sharma

Model-actress Dipannita Sharma reveals the secrets to looking and feeling gorgeous

Which skin care products do you recommend?
Rose water, a facial moisturiser and a cream with SPF 25 are a must for me.
 'I'm a Minimal Make-Up Fan': Dipannita Sharma
Sunscreen is a must-have skincare product

What is your regular fitness regimen?
I don't really follow a particular regiment but I do like going for long walks, especially when the weather is nice. I often opt for a swim too, as and when I feel like taking a dip.

Which do you prefer: minimal make-up or a glossy look for a big night out?
I am a minimal make-up fan, unless there is a pre-decided theme I have to adhere to or some kind of requirement for an event that I have to attend.

If you skip your fitness regimen on a particular day, do you compensate for it?
I am not a complete fitness junkie! I like to try something new, perhaps a new outdoor sport or exercise every year and usually keep to it for at least three months. Other than that, as I said earlier, I go for walks or swim. I avoid sugar in my beverages completely but do have desserts! Giving up sugar in its raw form has really helped me. I also avoid spicy food as I don't really have an affinity for it. What I do to keep fit is actually lead a healthy lifestyle: l sleep eight hours a day and ensure I am rested and don't indulge in anything that would hamper my health. For me fitness means an overall wellness.

Which products are best suited to a perfect hair day?
If you use a good leave-in conditioner after a wash and later blow-dry your hair, you can style it any way you want to. For a more natural look, you can just use a tiny bit of serum or leave-in oil after a wash and scrunch you hair. That way you won't get frizzy hair but your hair will be manageable and soft.
 'I'm a Minimal Make-Up Fan': Dipannita Sharma
Hair serum ensures managable locks and stops frizz

A healthy mind is achieved by...
Interacting with family and people from different walks of life, reading and keeping up with the latest happenings all around the world. It is also important to spend time alone, with yourself.

What are the three must-haves in your vanity case?
Lip and cheek tint pots, matte brown eye pencil and mascara in my vanity case.
 'I'm a Minimal Make-Up Fan': Dipannita Sharma
Tint pots are a quick make-up fix

Anything you tend to avoid when it comes to food?
Spicy food and food that's too oily or too bland.

What lights up your eyes?
The child in me.

Your big weakness when it comes to cheating foods is?
I call it my love food. Everything from chocolate, cake, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, fries and more.

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