Iftar Review: Ballaro Restaurant at Conrad Dubai
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Iftar Review: Ballaro Restaurant at Conrad Dubai

One more Iftar to add to your list this Ramadan

Having lived in Dubai all my life, I’ve had the opportunity to taste many different Iftars at several restaurants around town. While some stand out in terms of their lavish spreads, others make a mark with their stunning ambiance. However, there are also a few who give you a fair bit of both.

One such restaurant was Ballaro, located at the Conrad Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. The restaurant boasted of a splendid buffet, consisting of all the Ramadan traditional favourites and boasted of a pleasant ambiance to dine at. The buffet had a variety of cuisines, ranging from Indian to Arabic to Italian, offering some of the most popular favourites from each. I started off with the traditional lentil soup which is an Iftar staple for me, and this one didn’t disappoint. The salad bar had an elaborate spread of all the Arabian specialities like the hummus and fathoush, all of which left on a longing taste.

Iftar Review: Ballaro Restaurant at Conrad Dubai

Moving on to the main course, I was pleasantly surprised with the live chicken shawarma station. The Arabic speciality looked and tasted amazing. Soft and succulent, unlike many others I’ve eaten in the past. The main course spread boasted of other praise-worthy dishes like biryani, falafels and pasta- all of which were good too. I was however a little taken aback with the grill corner which was situated outdoors. The dim lighting was met with a scarce display of a few select meats and the popular ouzi that were both dry in texture and lacked taste.

We ended our meal with dessert that we truly enjoyed. The umm ali was my favourite off the lot. Rick in taste and not too sweet, this was easily once of the best I had eaten in recent times.

All in all I would suggest checking out this Iftar, if you’re looking for a nice peal at a great price.

INFO: Ballaro Restaurant, Conrad Dubai, Until 9pm, Dhs 175 per person

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