Iftar of the Day: Mint Leaf of London Dubai
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Iftar of the Day: Mint Leaf of London Dubai

Travel through British India on a gastronomic journey that is refined, creative and delicious

Amazing. Simply Amazing. Pardon us for using these clichéd terms to describe food but the Ramadan menu at Mint Leaf of London is so creative that you will be left rather speechless, hence resorting to a cliché doesn’t seem too out of place.

This time, the super talented chef Pradeep Khullar takes inspiration from the British era. Now, Indian cuisine has taken the influence of several cultures and countries that entered its lands, with each adding its own bit of flavour to the spices and essence of India. So did the Brits. Also, the popularity of Indian food in the Queen’s country no elaboration. Last we checked, chicken tikka was still being considered ‘proudly British’.

But Khullar has not used British version of Indian curries for this menu. Instead, he has twisted and turned authentic desi dishes into a 7-course meal that pays homage to the chain’s London roots. Like the super creative Earl Grey Waffle Yogurt Icecream. This insanely good dish was a like a chaat with the waffle bits serving as a base peppered with slightly thicker sev, pomegranate seeds and chutney. Can’t imagine what it must taste or look like? Don’t. Just try it.

Iftar of the Day: Mint Leaf of London Dubai

Earl Grey Waffle Yoghurt Ice cream 

The best things are served right at the beginning. We couldn’t get enough of the bread, yes, bread! Soft cubes with kalonji and fried onions on top served with three most amazing sides - an incredible kurkure bhindi, olive tepanade (made with mustard oil that gives it the right sting) and whole chillis. Yes, it sounds confusing but as we said above, seeing and eating is believing!

The other two off-the-charts items include the lamb ribs with horse radish. The meat was super tender, sliding off the bone, just as it should while the Curry leaf Fish and chips, a nod to the famous Fish n Chips every Londoner swears by, was A-list as well. For a more British twist, checkout the Shepherd’s pie, this one made with keema kaleji. Bombay-meets-Britain and how!

Iftar of the Day: Mint Leaf of London Dubai

Lamb Ribs 

Iftar of the Day: Mint Leaf of London Dubai

Sticky toffee Pudding 

The slight disappointment, if we may say so, was with the vegetarian dishes. The Rosemary Paneer with Cheese savory was average, primarily because paneer is a variety of cheese too and the rosemary flavour wasn’t too prominent. Never mind. For there were so many other goodies to select from.

With every dish being crafted with care  and every item presented with a refinement, this journey through British India is a must this Ramadan. Don’t miss it.

INFO: Dhs 180+ Chef’s Special Ramadan Menu with a complimentary drink, 12pm-late, Emirates Financial Towers, DIFC, +9714 706 0900

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