Iconic Scent

Iconic Scent

Indulge in Versace's Yellow Diamond fragrance this summer

We just love this fresh and beautiful scent by Versace. It's perfect for all your summer travels too!
The FragranceFresh bright, sparkling with intensity, Versace Yellow Diamond is a floral, shimmering and dazzling fragrance that reflects the glamour of the house of Versace. The scent contains fresh pear sorbet with sparkling notes of bergamot, neroli, orange blossom together with the soft delicacy freesia and mimosa. The fragrance closes with the natural transparency of nymphea,ambery woods, palo santo wood and refined musk.
The DesignClean geometric design, unique and timeless yet like a modern piece of art. Precisely placed facets maximize colour and brilliance. The very elegant and faceted crystal cap seals a bouquet of extreme pureness. Cut as a real diamond, it creates shimmering effects and prisms of light in its pale to vivid yellow hues.
Versace Yellow Diamond Collection Includes:Eau De Toilette Nat. Spray 30 mlEau De Toilette Nat. Spray 50 mlEau De Toilette Nat. Spray 90 mlPerfumed Deodorant Nat. Spray 50 mlPerfumed Deodorant StickPerfumed Shower GelPerfumed Body LotionAvailable at beauty counters across the UAE.

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