'I Would Do Sultan First and Then Sultan's Dangal': Salman Khan
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'I Would Do Sultan First and Then Sultan's Dangal': Salman Khan

The actor reacts to his film's comparison with Aamir Khan's film

Fans and critics are both awaiting Salman Khan’s next release Sultan, wondering if this too will be one of those films, which set the box office register ringing for months! Bhai has been on a promoting spree and coincidentally; he is also in the middle of a storm caused by certain remarks he made with regards to his film!

Furthermore, Salma’s Sultan and Aamir Khan’s next Dangal, are both on the topic of wrestling and when both films were compared Salman Khan said he would have done both films if he were given a chance. “I would have done both the films. It would be Sultan first and then Sultan’s Dangal,” he said jokingly in an article in Hundustan Times.

Both Aamir and Salman will be seen as wrestlers in their respective films. There were reports that after watching the trailer of “Sultan”, Aamir felt Dangal would suffer. “Aamir is scared? He is doing Dangal and he is scared! Then why did he do Dangal? Why would Aamir be scared (of Sultan), Salman said reacting to the reports.

The 50-year-old actor, however, said, “My film is different from his. Both of us knew that the two films are about wrestling. In that case, does it mean that if Shah Rukh Khan is doing a love story then I won’t do it? I have heard Aamir’s (film) script and it is outstanding.”

Salman also revealed that he shared his Sultan trainer with Aamir to help him prepare for Dangal. “I am a very big hearted man,” he said.

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