'I Won’t Do Anything Without Thinking About Me and Mira Together': Shahid Kapoor
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'I Won’t Do Anything Without Thinking About Me and Mira Together': Shahid Kapoor

Will the recently married actor need a change in the intimacy clause in his films?

For Bollywood star bachelorhood has ended and he is now locked in holy matrimony with lovely wife Mira. Shahid has also changed as a person after marriage, as per a report in bollywoodlife.com and as expected, things will also now change on the professional front. Shahid confirms it happliy, “Marriage has changed me a lot. I think it’s the same for everyone. It makes you more responsible.”
He adds, “I’ve been living on my own for the last nine years. I became independent at a very early age and had been earning for myself since I was 16. I shifted into a house of my own and started living alone when I was 24. So, although I have always had responsibilities towards my family, I have essentially lived a very independent life. When you get married, it makes you feel a lot more responsible. It makes you feel settled, it grounds you and helps you understand where your future lies. It gives you a certain clarity. So you are like, ‘Okay, this is the rest of my life’. At least you think like that.”
On his career now, Shahid says, “You don’t just think about yourself when you do something anymore. You think about the other person as well and how your decisions will affect her. Then every time you are taking a decision, you feel like you want to think about it a little more because it’s not just you. There’s another person you are responsible for.” 
On the topic of intimacy on screen Shahid says, “I haven’t had the need to say no because so far, I haven’t been asked to do something I might have a problem with. But if it happens and I feel like it’s a little too much, I will definitely not do it. As I said, I won’t do anything without thinking about me and Mira together.”


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