"I was Nervous and Jittery": Rani Mukerji on Hichki
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"I was Nervous and Jittery": Rani Mukerji on Hichki

The actress on how she feels about the film!

Hichki is a hit and has recovered all its expenses at the box office. It also proves a vital point: A female centric film can still work at the box office if the screenplay is tightly woven and the story, well laid out.

Rani said that she is ecstatic with the response that the film has generated. “All my life, I have tried to entertain, tried to spread love and happiness to my fans and audiences through my films. Their happiness made me happy, motivated me. Yesterday, I felt the same emotions that I had faced when my first film had released. I was nervous. I was jittery. My first love is acting. Nothing gives me as much joy as being on the set of my film. I chose marriage when I wanted to," said Rani Mukerji. On the first day of the film’s release, Rani felt like it was a “do or die test”. “I did draw courage from the success stories of the outstanding artists who decided to settle down and then returned with great comebacks but deep down I was nervous that if I fail, I would be forever succumbing to the archaic stereotypes to the same hichkis that have been prevalent for so many years. With the incredible love that audiences have showered on Hichki and on me, they have proved that for them good cinema and good performance is the only thing that matters – not marital status, not parenthood," added an emotional Rani.

Have you watched Hichki yet? What did you think about it?

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