'I Was Disrespected For Over Three Years': Rashmi Desai
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'I Was Disrespected For Over Three Years': Rashmi Desai

What went wrong between the Uttaran couple?

For long, rumours were rife that all is not well between Nandish Sandhu and Rashmi Desai. Now the Uttaran actress has decided to set the record straight, saying that she had been in an abusive relationship for over three years. "I genuinely loved him. And I genuinely believe that a relationship needs to be built. And if you can't continue, then it's important to end it on a beautiful note. And the world is very small. Everyone crosses paths all the time. I've never seen things like this happening in my household. Women are never insulted. But I was disrespected for over 3 years and after a point, I knew this was just not happening. I thought after this, tum apne raaste jaao, main apne. But something else was only happening is why I decided to speak up," she said. We wonder what could have gone so wrong!

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