‘I Want to Make Music Without Boundaries’

‘I Want to Make Music Without Boundaries’

UAE-based singer Neha Pandey talks about Mashgool, the Arabic version of her popular song Busy Busy

After the success of her Hindi track Busy Busy, UAE singer Neha Pandey, has launched its Arabic version Mashgool. While Busy Busy garnered 29 million views on digital platfroms, Mashgool, composed by Gourov Roshin with lyrics by Maha Altayer and a dance video produced by Elvis Garagic and directed by Jac Mulder, has all the signs of becoming a hit. Can it recreate the success of the original? Hear what Neha Pandey has to say…

How did Mashgool come about?

I always wanted to make music without boundaries. Whatever sounds beautiful. There is nothing political about it. The world is so divided otherwise. I want to be able to sing in whatever language it is, as long as it justifies and enhances the “sound of music”. ‘Mashgool’ is  also an expression and one of the ways of communicating to people. After success of ‘Busy Busy’ we decided to Arabise the song for my Arab followers and people who just love music. The words gave the entire number a different flavour. Moreover, I have always loved how Arabic words sounds especially in music. 

Can you tell us more about the Emirati artiste in the video? Where was it shot?

The popular Emirati male artist is Hassan who happened to love my song and instantly came on board through mutual Arab musician friends. 

What are the other singles you are working on?

I am working on few songs. A big peppy upbeat song is coming up. Again, this will be with established Bollywood names. 

With so many platforms for singers these days, what does it take to stand out and make a name?

One has to be unique and original or else it is hard to be recognised and make a cut. I follow my heart and don’t join the rat race. People like innovations. I have been experimental and always believe that one has to have one’s own style to last longer. 

Which Bollywood composers have you worked with so far in your career?

I have had many interactions – some were successful and some were failed projects too - Meet Bros, Arko Pravo, Gourov Roshin, Kumaar, Shabbir Ahmed and many more...

How important is it for a UAE singer to be based out of Mumbai?

Well it is all just a perception according to me. We live in a digital world. 

True distance can play a role for people only looking at Bollywood however I have seen people succeed living abroad and making a niche for themselves in the music industry as a whole. 

What have been your memorable performances in recent times?

There have been many performances and each have been different from the other. However, so far my favourite has to be Tashan Nites by 9X Tashan at Chandigarh Punjab  - which is the biggest in that region and the T10 league performance at Sharjah.

Catch the song:

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