‘I’ve Always Had an Independent Relationship With Adhuna’: Shabana Azmi
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‘I’ve Always Had an Independent Relationship With Adhuna’: Shabana Azmi

Stepmom to Farhan Akhtar, Shabana Azmi speaks from the heart

Actress par excellence Shabana Azmi has played many roles. A wife, a daughter, an activist, a stepmother, an actress, Shanbana had played them all and with the same energy and commitment for years altogether. The actress will next be seen playing Sonam Kapoor’s mother in their upcoming film Neerja. The acclaimed actress revealed in a recent interview in DNA that the concept of marriage these days have changed. The actress says about marriages breaking apart in the industry these days, “Marriages are not just falling apart in the film industry, but also in many sections of society. Expectations from marriage are changing. When I asked Zoya, she said, ‘Because today women can, they have a choice and they exercise it. Marriage is not a one-way street. Both partners have to adjust to each other. The concept of made-in-heaven is defunct.”


On the recent news of her stepson Farhan Akhtar and his wife Adhuna announcing their separation, Shabana says that it wouldn’t change anything for her with Adhuna. She says, “I’ve always had an independent healthy relationship with Adhuna and it will always remain so.”

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