"I read every review written about me": Karan Johar Bares All
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"I read every review written about me": Karan Johar Bares All

In Arbaaz Khan’s show, Karan Johar bared it all about negative reviews, trolls, his children and his love life

Karan Johar recently graced Arbaaz Khan’s recent chat show for the web which always has some prominent names. Karan Johar talked about negative reviews, trolls, his children and his love life. As always, Karan was eloquent and forthcoming about all his life’s truths and here are our best picks from the interview.

Does Karan read reviews?

Yes, he does. "I read every review about me!" Karan said.

Karan Johar on being called a 'woman':

"I was born a man," Karan quipped, "I’m proud to be a man and there’s a woman in me and that makes me more of a man!"

About social media trolls:

"I’m in a state of glorious amusement," he said. "Every morning I wake up to abuse and it amuses me!"

Karan went on to explain how he understood how social media trolls thought. "People are going through their own beats of life. Some of these people don’t realize this that some of us are as vulnerable as they are," said Karan. "You go through your own hardships, turbulences, problems, issues, nobody realizes that. They just think keh glamour industry ke hain toh you are privileged. Some of us come back home to loneliness, emptiness, fear, apprehension, depression, anxiety. Everybody goes through the beats of life. It’s just that we internalize it. And they have a job to do what they do. And they externalize it and keep writing all this kind of random rubbish! Many a times they are unemployed. Sometimes they think in their own head that they are unattractive. Sometimes they’re just unhappy. And they unleash themselves on us. And it’s just the way it is. And let me tell you, Arbaaz, there is also some really solid stuff out there also. I read every review about me. When they tell you why they didn’t like the film – it’s kind of great. Because it teaches you what you did wrong. And you learn from that."

What upsets Karan?

"When they get personal about my kids," he says. "My babies are two years old. They’re my life’s angels. They’re pure souls." Karan heard some more comments which said mean things about his children. “They don’t know anything about the process. How you have an egg donor, how your children look a certain way, it’s some genetic pool at work.”

About raising children alone:

"I’m a single parent," he said with his classic forthcoming manner, "and it comes with its own set of challenges! I’m co-parenting my children with my mother."

Being trolled for his fashion choices:

"I get when they’re offended by my sartorial choices!" laughed Karan.

The 'Hardik' question:

"I feel very responsible for both Rahul and Hardik are going through what they are," Karan said seriously. "They've made their apologies now."

Sexist questions on Koffee With Karan:

Karan had a simple solution. "If my show is not your cup of tea, don’t watch it." He also went on to clarify that his show is admittedly frivolous but he said categorically: "I’m a very strong feminist!"

His phone habits:

"I’m very fast in replying because I have phone-message-replying anxiety!" he laughed. He also said, in response to a few questions that he would ask Varun Dhawan to do on a social media detox and that he found Ranveer Singh's instagram to be very interesting.

Watch the full interview here.

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