'I Never Discuss My Career With Saif': Kunal Khemu
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'I Never Discuss My Career With Saif': Kunal Khemu

The Phantom star's brother-in-law doesn't turn to him for advice! Why, we wonder!

No one can deny that actor Saif Ali Khan has undergone a tremendous metamorphosis to become what he is today. Even though we was always blessed with good genes, the actor has seen his own share of struggle in Bollywood, for it wasn't enough that he was the son of veteran actress Sharmila Tagore!

From featuring as a main hero's sidekick in the early years of his career, Saif Ali Khan mastered the testosterone game, including a complete change in his voice modulation, gradually built up a formidable body of work. The actor has done it all from romance, comedy, action to even parallel cinema. And to top it all he is now the son-in-law of the famous Kapoor khandaan! So, we do give Saif credit for the expertise that he has meticulously gathererd over the years in the industry. In fact, he is in a position to share a tip or two with younger actors and upcoming stars. But, contrary to popular assumption, bro-in-law Kunal Khemu doesn't turn to Chote Nawab for career advice!

32-year-old Kunal married Saif's sister Soha Ali Khan earlier this year. The Golmaal 3 actor, who shared screen space with Saif in the 2013 zombie-comedy Go Goa Gone, says, "Saif and I collaborated on Go Goa Gone and discussed the project extensively. Other than that, people perceive us in a different way... Like when we meet we discuss films. In our case we have been in films every single day of our lives. We don't really talk about films so much but obviously when movies are up for release you discuss what is the movie about, how happy are you with the movie. We never discuss what should I do in my career or should I do this kind of a role."

Kunal will be next seen in adult comedy Guddu Ki Gun, which marks his second film release post marriage. The actor says he does discuss film projects with his wife but so far marriage has not influenced any of his movie choices. "We connected as friends first and we value each others opinion a lot as actors also. When a film comes our way we discuss it with each other, pros and cons, what we think. Obviously, the decision finally remains with us. We respect each other's decisions. " says the actor in a mid-day.com article.



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