'I Just Have An Issue With The Word 'Topless'': Jackie Shroff's Daughter Krishna
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'I Just Have An Issue With The Word 'Topless'': Jackie Shroff's Daughter Krishna

Jackie Shroff's daughter talks about her pictures on Instagram that went viral

When Jackie Shroff''s daughter Krishna Shroff's Instragam images made the headlines for their allegedly bold and sensual visualisation, media houses may have in slightly blatant in calling the pictures 'topless'! Krishna Shroff explains in an interview to dnaindia.com that she has not problem with whatever was being written about her, except for the word 'topless'!

Krishna says that the media encroachment in her life is expected to an extent beacuse of her celebrity father and brother. She says, "I can't really help that my dad is an actor and my brother is also in the limelight now. Being Jackie Shroff's daughter and Tiger Shroff's sister, I guess this was bound to happen. So I don't blame people for what they are doing."

So does Krishna get offened when people write about her? She says, "I just have one issue. With the word 'topless'. I think that's ridiculous because to be topless, you have to show a certain body part. I just think that it's a little backward when it comes to things like this. No offence to anyone but people today cant really be free or express themselves however they want to because of the amount of judgement that happens these days. I just feel the society is a little backwards."

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