'I Have a Life Beyond Movies': Kajol
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'I Have a Life Beyond Movies': Kajol

The actress talks about 'J' and her life beyond movies

In a special and rather open interview to Mid Day, Bollywood actress talks about her comeback with her favourite hero Shah Rukh Khan in Dilwale.

The actress admits to have experienced certain changes in her with this comeback after this hiatus. She says, “I can say that I have become a Dilwali... Kajol Dilwali. That's quite a tongue-twister. I have become more caring, large-hearted and giving; what I wasn't earlier (laughs). But we all do change over the years, isn't it?”

When quizzed why it took her five years to come back to the movies, the actress quips, “Simply, because I have a life beyond this. My son (Yug) is five years old. So this is the first film I am doing after he was born. I don't like to work with people I do not like or I am not comfortable with. I want to give my best, so what is the point of doing something that I am not happy about? I am financially stable, so why not take advantage of it?”

About choosing Dilwale as her comeback film the actress says, “I took it up as a challenge. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone for the film. People consider me an emotional actress, but here was my chance to be part of not only car chase sequences, but also of cars flying in the air. My son only likes the zooming car parts in the film while my daughter (Nysa, 12) thinks that being part of the 'Golmaal' franchise was the best thing that her father (Ajay Devgn) did in his career. So, she's happy that I am doing a film on similar lines.”

Kajol has been married to actor Ajay Devgn for over a decade now and has two children. Affectionately calling him J, she says she has very little to do with his upcoming directorial venture, Shivaay. The actress says, “I have been asking him to give me a small role in Shivaay’. I told him that even a small, walk-on part will do for me, but he gave me a flat no.”


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