'I Gave Up Hope of Getting Married': Bipasha Basu
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'I Gave Up Hope of Getting Married': Bipasha Basu

The actress opens up her heart in a candid interview...

Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover tied the knot recently amid much fanfare and produced some beautifully captured wedding photographs. Soon after the couple zipped away to their honeymoon to an island destination showing off the deep blue sea and their sun-kissed bodies on social media. The beautiful couple were the object of everyone's envy for days to come. 

Back from her honeymoon, the actress recently graced the latest issue of Hi! Blitz magazine, and in a candid interview, spoke uninhibitedly about her marriage and the insecurities involved at a certain point. Bipasha Basu was earlier in a rather long live-un relationship with actor John Abraham. Basu dates several people after breaking up with John, but finally found true love in Karan Singh Grover. 

Expressing her doubt in the concept of marriage when KSG first proposed to her, Bips says in the interview, "The first thing I said was, 'I'm not supposed to be married! Why do you want to marry me?' That was my reaction to his proposal. I just did not expect it, and I didn't even think I would get married...I guess I gave up hope. And we have something so beautiful that I was a little deep down scared to tamper it with big words like marriage. Because it's more about societal pressure and for the world."

We’re so happy they couple found love and we do wish them a lifetime of happiness.





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