"I Don't Take Failures Personally": Vidya Balan

"I Don't Take Failures Personally": Vidya Balan

The talented actress peaks about films, failures and her marriage!
"I Don't Take Failures Personally": Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan

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Even though her last film, Begum Jaan didn’t clock big numbers at the box office, Vidya’s performance was highly appreciated by critics and audiences. Whatever the fate of her previous films, the star is still offered some of the most challenging roles in the industry, which many believe, only an actress of her calibre can pull off so perfectly.

In a candid interview, the actress speaks about her insomnia, her films and her marriage to Siddharth Roy Kapoor. 

Have you overcome your insomnia problems?

I have begun to sleep early these days. There are days when I go to bed late. I have stopped reading (before I go to bed).  I have made it a point to go into bed by 10 pm to sleep by 11 pm. 

Are you a switch on and switch off actress?

Over time, I learnt how to switch on and off but having said that, I love to shoot out of Mumbai.  You are being someone else for the rest of the day and then you want to be yourself. I don't like to step out and socialise. In Mumbai we invariably can't avoid that.

Do failures matter to you?

It's sad when your film doesn't work. I am happy my performance is appreciated irrespective of the film's fate. But I have reached a state that if a film does not do well it does not matter.  I can do my best but at the end of the day it's a collaborative effort. I don't take failures personally. I am not a producer or a director nor a writer. I have come to terms with the fact that sometimes a film might work and on other days, it doesn't work. I wish all my films did well.

Do you usually take Siddharth's opinion before signing on the dotted line?

Acting for me is something very personal and private, so I safeguard it. It's almost instinctive and internal so I am selfish about it. It's always my decision and if I do need an opinion I do share what I am feeling, but he's not that kind of person who offers solutions. He's very supportive and he says, "do what you feel is right". Most of the times, I have to arrive at my own decisions.

Despite so much stardom, fame and money you have not changed. What has kept you so grounded?

It's a combination of a whole lot of things. I enjoy being around people. I have received so much love by virtue of being an actor and of course family upbringing matters. I married someone who accepted me the way I am and that's why we bond together.

Any plans of doing television? Maybe a reality show?

I have been getting offers, but I don't enjoy reality. 

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