‘I Don’t Share a Good Equation With Jennifer’: Gautam Rode
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‘I Don’t Share a Good Equation With Jennifer’: Gautam Rode

The very candid Gautam Rode surprises us with his honesty on tricky issues

He charmed audiences playing the guy-next-door in Saraswatichandra. Off screen, he is still waiting to find the love of his life. But what we were taken aback by, during our conversation with him, was his candour. Unlike other actors who hide behind a cloak of diplomacy, Gautam is honest and doesn’t mince words. No wonder we enjoyed our chat with the actor who was recently awarded the DadasahebPhalke award for his work in television.


After a decade-long career in television and films, you have been awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award. How does it feel?

It feels great to be appreciated for your hard work. I am totally elated and I really want to thank my admirers for all the love and support that they have given me throughout.


How did Saraswatichandra happen?

I was called by the makers of the show for an audition. The next thing I heard was that I had bagged the role.  And thus my journey as the male lead of Saraswatichandra began. 


How similar are you to your character?

We are very similar yet different. Saraswatichandra and I are both very positive guys who totally love our families. But I would say that at the end of the day since he is fictional, Saraswatichandra is a good guy without any shades of grey. He gets extremely emotional whereas I am different. The foremost thing I have learned in life is to balance my thoughts and be practical.


We hear you don’t share a good equation with your co-star Jennifer Winget. How difficult is it to shoot despite differences with her?

Yes, that’s true. We can never be best friends with each and every actor we work with. However, Jennifer and I do share a good and healthy working relationship. That’s about it.


What about your equation with other co-stars of the show?

My equation with all my co-stars is great and I am glad to be working on a show like Saraswatichandra that has some great artistes.


Like the love story of Saraswatichandra and Kumud, have you experienced something similar in real life?

Our fans call us SaMud (laughs). It’s the combination of Saraswatichandra and Kumud played by Jennifer. I have not yet experienced something similar to their love story in my life but I really hope to some day.


Where is the show headed?

If only I knew where it was headed (laughs). I am an actor and not a writer. Hence I have no idea what the writer is planning to do with my character and in which direction the show will head. I just concentrate on the acting bit.


Any plans for a Bollywood comeback?

I started with films and I would love to do movies again. However, more than the medium in which I act, to me, it’s the quality of the content that matters the most. I am open to doing a good and strong role in Bollywood films. In fact, I am hoping to do that very soon. 


Do you regret any shows or films you’ve done?

Definitely not! I don’t believe in having any regrets in life and hence there are none. Each show and film has been a great experience through which I have learned a lot. Apart from learning from my body of work, I have grown as an actor too.


We hear you plan to become a diet consultant!

Well yes, I am planning to become one. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are a part of my day-to-day routine. Since I have already been helping many friends and family members with their diet plans, I thought why not undertake professional training to spread my knowledge. Soon I intend to study and practice it professionally. 



Is there any particular food you can't resist even when on a diet?

Coffee is my addiction but I try to limit it to a maximum of two cups a day. It’s a bad habit. In fact, I am trying to get rid of it. 

What is your fitness mantra?

Eat healthy, work out and live a fit life. Look at yourself in the mirror every day and ask yourself whether you are perfect, if not, then work towards it!


What advice would you give to people who want to take up acting?

It all depends on the person. You can be your own judge. If you think you have it in you and that you can make it, then you can!  You should listen to yourself before listening to others. The sensibility and preparation that needs to be in place for someone to make it big should be attained before taking the plunge. If you think you are ready to deliver, then that's your time. 



  • People have often asked him if he applies lipstick because his lips are always pink. However, the truth is he has naturally pink lips!
  • Gautam is strictly vegetarian, doesn’t drink and doesn’t like to party.
  • His favourite holiday destination is London.
  • He loves posting selifes frequently on his Twitter handle. 
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